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                                                                                               PC: Lauren Westra Photography


The Gardens is hosting our first bridal soirée.  This will be a curated, hand-picked affair that will reflect The Gardens style.  Our first event will be held in the evening, set among the soothing waterfall, and twinkling bistro lights of a late summer evening.  Potential brides sip cocktails and tour the venue while you get to casually mingle and meander with them.  We have been expanding through the past two year and we will have three prominent ceremony locations for vendors to dream about and decorate, individual reception areas, and a new small party spot for those looking to host showers/birthdays at The Gardens. 


We desire this to be your dream-to-reality exhibition space to show brides your vision and potential in a real life location.  We have all been to bridal shows and the space restrictions and logistics do not facilitate creativity and imagination.  You can collaborate with other approved industry professionals to create your own exhibition space.  Instead of paying a booth fee, you can put that money toward a portfolio worthy space.

Another big reason to join along this adventure is to create a partnership with The Gardens.  Last year was our first year as a bonafide venue, and we booked out nearly 40 weddings in 2017.  We have launched in a big way and we are looking to create a partnership, and preferred vendor list starting in the coming year.  If we have not worked together before, this would be a great way to start that relationship.   



Please submit the application below.  There will be a limited amount of each industry profession approved for the event. 



We are looking for ALL wedding industry creatives to participate.  Those who have the ability to showcase their talent in a wedding setting will be assigned a space.  Other professions (i.e. photographers, hair & makeup) will allotted space to display their work in a creative fashion.  We will encourage all professions to collaborate together for the event.  There will be banquet tables and chairs available for use.  Further details will be published.  



Food & Beverage (to serve passed appetizers)

Food Trucks (park in our food truck space, reception area adjacent)

Bartenders (to serve cocktails)

Hair & Makeup


Wedding Planning/Stylists


Furniture Rental (collaborate with other creatives to display their space)

Stationary & calligraphers


If your trade was not listed here, but you have something you would like to exhibit, please feel free to fill out the application!


Friday, September 14, 5:30pm-8:30pm

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